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  • (TPU)Color Masterbatch
  • Pearl powder/gold/silver point
  • Oily black
  • Phthalocyanine
  • Antioxidants/Auxiliary series
  • Fluorescence/dye/Diffusion
  • Other pigment, sample room
  • LIST

  • Organic pigments
  • Brightener
  • An ultraviolet ...
  • Resistant to bo...
  • Fluorescent pigments
  • Transparent Solvent Dyes
  • 找顏料,聯系我們
  • The company is in production, sales and service in the enterprise;
  • With ten years of industry experience;
  • For the product is strong, service and strong.
  • Variety complete, up to hundreds of different kinds;
  • Product optional strong;
  • Strong product quality and stability.
  • Representation of clients in various industries are having practical experience;
  • Proofing products are available according to different customer needs.
  • Can provide customers with technical sharing and guidance;
  • Paint pigment problem-solving expert, professional services team;
  • 24 hours a day service support, service hotline:400-892-5198
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  • Chemicals Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
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    Dongguan Kang Han plastic pigments Ltd. from 1998 onwards in paint Production and sales, after its establishment, the implementation of international standardization management, in a few years of practice, combined with the actual situation of different customers, and gradually formed and perfected the technology department, quality department, the various functions of management of production, transport group, purchasing, marketing, customer service department. We from the customer's standpoint, according to customer's actual situation, to provide customers with stable quality products and personalized service. Production and operation for customers convenient, can promote products to enhance customer market competitiveness, we are concerned about ... [View details]

    Production equipment
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